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Empty retail unit (54m²) in San Agustin Shopping Centre.

Located on the ground floor of the San Agustin shopping centre, this space has only been used for storage, but its position in the heart of the centre means that it has the potential to be much more.

At present the unit has bare breeze block walls, an exposed concrete ceiling, basic lighting and a water supply. The front is mainly glass, currently covered in brown paper on the inside, apart from a row of windows along the top. Entry is through padlocked sliding glass doors.

The doors and windows need very little work to return them to their former state and would make an attractive store front. The 54m² interior could be used for almost anything, although a retail outlet or service industry would probably be most appropriate for the area.

The price of this freehold unit reflects the work needed fit it out to a usable standard, and the modest community fees of 84€ per month make it an economical proposition.