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FREEHOLD retail outlet in the up & coming Meloneras Seafront Shopping Centre.

This 100m² unit has an added bonus of a 40m² storage area at the rear. This is currently bricked up with access via a single door, but the wall could easily be removed to give a larger public area.  

This unit is on the 3rd floor of the shopping centre in a prime location adjacent to the central escalators linking all the floors. It will also be opposite a branch of one of the biggest supermarket chains on the island which is due to open within the next couple of years. The shopping centre is a modern purpose built structure with many attractive design features. The main entry to centre is from the road which leads onto the top floor; to get to the beach, customers have to go down 3 levels, passing many shops on the way, all those customers taking the central escalator will see this unit on their way up or down.

This is an up & coming area: a new golf course was completed in 2007 and another 5 star hotel is due to be completed in 2009. There are also plans to extend the exclusive harbour and marina at Pasito Blanco across to Meloneras by 2010.

At present the unit is unused and will need fitting out by the new owner. This gives the new owner compete freedom to customise the unit to his or her own taste.

This is a property which will reward the investor who can see the benefits of buying now for big returns in 2-3 years when the building work in the area is completed and the area is attracting the large number of up market clients that this entire area has been designed for.

The owner has indicated that he would also be prepared to consider a rental agreement. Please contact us for more information.